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3 Ways To Transform The Structure Of Your Home

Our homes are the centre of our lives, especially if we find ourselves living in the same property for so many years.


However, there comes a time when our living space feels as though it could do with a few changes. When you start to feel this way, it may feel tempting to list your home for sale and look for somewhere new, but there’s always another option. After all, why go through the effort and expenditure related to relocating to a new property when you could improve your current home?


Here are three ways that you can refresh your space by transforming the structure of your home.


By Removing A Partitioning Wall


Homes of years gone by always had kitchens and living rooms separated entirely, but the modern home is more commonly one which features an open plan living space. By removing a partitioning wall, you can create your own open plan living space, even if you currently have your living, kitchen and dining areas separated.


There are a few things to consider and not all walls are suited to removal in this way – walls which are considered ‘load-bearing walls’ (for example, which support a structure on the floor above them) are generally not suited to removal.


However, if your internal wall is not load-bearing, there is no reason why you cannot have the wall removed in order to open the space up.


Removing a partitioning wall allows you to change the flow of your home and create a lighter, airier space, so is always worth looking into if this is something that you feel would suit you.


Organise A Conversion


If you have any unused space within your home in the form of a loft or garage, you may want to consider having this room converted into a brand new living space.


Lofts and garages are often neglected or simply used for storage space when they have the potential to be used for so much more. By organising a loft or garage conversion, you can create a whole new room to use for whatever you like.


Common uses for loft conversions include the building of an extra bedroom or a hang-out space, such as a games room or children’s playroom. Garage conversions, meanwhile, have endless possibilities, especially when the garage itself is already built into the structure of the house.


Your garage conversion could be turned into a home office, a home gym, an extra bedroom, an extra living area, a utility room – there are endless possibilities. The only limit here is your own imagination.


Loft and garage conversions are a lot easier and more affordable than you may have previously thought, too – and that’s before you consider the value that they add to your home when it comes to resale.


Add An Extension


If you do not have a pre-included space that can be converted into another room, why not build a new one?


By organising to have an extension built onto your home, you create a brand new space that can be used for a multitude of different purposes.


If your extension is built onto an existing area, such as the kitchen, bathroom or living area, you can create more space within this room in order to make the most of it. What better way to transform the look of your living room or kitchen than by making it bigger and being able to decorate it to your new tastes?


However, there are also the same amount of options available with extensions as there are when it comes to conversions – even more if you decide to go with a two-storey extension! Extensions can be used to create everything from gyms, to offices, to extra bedrooms, bathrooms and utility areas. A two-storey extension would yield the necessary space to house a whole extra person within your home, complete with sleeping and living areas and a bathroom!


With an extension, you’ll likely need to get hold of some planning permission first. However, once complete, we’ll sure you’ll agree that it is absolutely worth it!


How Can We Help?


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We’re here to help you bring your dreams to life and make your home the best it can be. We treat your job as if it was our own home, arriving on time, working respectfully with the minimum of mess, and not leaving until we are completely satisfied with our work.


If you are looking to have any improvements made to your home, whether it be structural alterations, extensions, kitchen and bathroom installations or brickwork, we are more than happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and talk through your vision with us!


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