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Our Thoughts: 5 Great Reasons To Add An Extension To Your Home

Over lockdown, we’ve all spent plenty more time than usual in our own homes – and it’s got a lot of us wondering what we could do to refresh them.


One of the most efficient, effective and impactful ways to change the look of your home is to add an extension. Extensions are easy to pull off if you choose the right contractors and can often be a lot more affordable than you may have imagined. 


However, if you needed any more convincing that this could be the perfect way for you to reinvent your home, here are just a few more great reasons to add an extension to your house.


Bring The Outside In


Extensions can be a great opportunity to change the way that your home and garden blend together, adding the perfect space to relax inside your home, whilst incorporating features such as floor to ceiling windows and French doors which ‘bring the outside in’. A space like this could be the perfect place to unwind with a glass of wine after a long day, entertain friends or watch your children play in the garden. 


If you felt a little cooped up over the summer of lockdown, this is a great way to bring the natural light and airiness of your back garden into your home.


Add Space


If there’s an area in your home that you feel could do with being a little bigger, then adding an extension could be the best way to go about it – it’s certainly much more cost-effective and less stressful than moving to another home altogether!


In a home with the traditional layout of the kitchen placed at the back, adding an extension could give you that extra space to really make the most of the room that you can – as soon as your extension is complete, you’ll be right online finding out where you can get your dream kitchen, too. 


Adding an extension can also allow you extra space for storage, which is extra handy for growing families or parents of small children. Claim back your garage by making the most of the storage space freed up by your brand new home extension!


Create A Whole New Room


There’s nothing to say that your extension can just add space onto an existing room – why not use the opportunity to add a whole new one?


Using your new extension to house an extra bedroom, extra bathroom, dining area, utility room or living area is a great way to make the most of your current home and adapt to any changing circumstances. If you ever decide you’d like to change it up and do something else with it, you’re free to get as creative as you like. 


Once you’ve added this extra space to your house, you’ve added a whole new room that can become whatever you would like it to be – it’s all about creating the perfect home for you and your family.


The Perfect Way To Modernise Your Home


Houses of years gone by weren’t exactly built to suit the stylish open-plan layouts of today. Adding an extension can be the perfect way to bring your home into the 21st century! 


Extensions have become increasingly common over the last couple of decades – and for good reason. There’s very few rooms that you only use for one specific purpose, so adding in some extra space can allow you to make the absolute most of each and every area within your home. 


Changing interior trends mean that versatile and multi-use spaces are more desirable than ever – and there are few better ways to add versatility and a multi-use space than building a great extension. 


Instantly Adds Value


In today’s competitive housing market, anything that you can do to add value to your home is a huge win, and adding an extension is hands down one of the most effective ways that you can do this.


An extension will give the new owners of your current home the room to run wild with their reinvention of the space. Not to mention the obvious benefits of being able to market your home as having two bathrooms instead of one, three bedrooms instead of two or that all-important added living/dining space.


Extensions are an extremely attractive feature to any potential buyer, so if you’re considering selling up at any point in the next few years, this is one thing for the to-do list that you certainly shouldn’t skip – the opportunity to maximise the sale house of your home here is huge.

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