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Our Top Tips For Planning A Kitchen Makeover

We spend a lot of time in our kitchen, so it should always be somewhere you love to cook, clean, eat and entertain! However, if we go years and years with the same kitchen, it’ll start to feel a little dated and void of energy – and that’s the perfect time to consider a kitchen makeover.


Here at Charmley Construction, designing and installing brand new kitchens is just one of the many expert services that we offer. From start to finish, we’ll work hard to bring your vision to life – but how do you decide exactly what that vision is in the first place?


Here are some of our favourite tips for planning a fantastic kitchen makeover.


Decide What You Want From The Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is a mainstay in the modern kitchens of the 21st century, as well as being incredibly versatile. There are lots of different islands available, so when picking out your new kitchen island, decide how you think you’d most like to use it first!


For example, is your new island just a central countertop space where you can sit to eat or free up more room for food prep, or are you looking to incorporate kitchen appliances into its design?


Include ‘Landing Space’

We’ve all found ourselves with a burn as a result of holding onto a hot pan, baking tray or dish for too long after it has been removed from the heat!


To avoid making this often painful mistake, take ‘landing space’ into account when designing your kitchen, ideally so that you don’t need to carry these items for too long to get them to a free surface. Do you have room to immediately set hot items down whilst cooking?


Take Care With Countertops

The countertops that you choose for your new kitchen can make or break the design overall, so be sure to think hard about what you’d like. Be sure to factor in things such as colour, height and materials before making a final decision!


Double Up On Appliances

Consider doubling the number of appliances you use most frequently if you have a large family and/or extensive cooking requirements. For example, a second microwave, a larger oven, an extra sink… it may sound excessive, but it could be exactly what you need to turn your kitchen into the most effective cooking environment it can be for you.


Get Smart About Storage

Few haven’t found themselves collecting countertop appliances at some point and having no idea where to put everything.


Avoid running out of space in your new kitchen by taking into account just how much space you’ll need, allowing for some spare room and taking advantage of ‘smart storage’ for other appliances and items, such as bins or dishwashers.


Consider Electrical Outlets

Make sure your kitchen has enough outlets for countertop appliances such as blenders, coffee pots, toasters, blenders, etc. Place multiple outlets on the island and along the backsplash to ensure that you have power wherever you need it!


Think Carefully About Colours

Dark colours, if used in the wrong spots, can make a small space feel even smaller and less welcoming. To visually expand a small space, use soft colours on your kitchen cabinets and ensure your kitchen is getting plenty of natural light.


Create A Focal Point

It’s good to decide on one focal point in your kitchen design that will draw the eye for visitors! All good interior design makeovers should take the creation of a focal point into account and kitchens are no different.


Call On Us


Kitchens are just one aspect of everything that we offer here at Charmley.


At Charmley Construction, the most important thing for us to build is our relationship with you. We take the time to talk to you from the start, so that we can understand exactly what you want and make sure you understand exactly how we’ll provide it. And we keep talking to you throughout, involving you in every stage from start to.


We’re here to help you bring your dreams to life and make your home the best it can be. We treat your job as if it was our own home, arriving on time, working respectfully with the minimum of mess, and not leaving until we are completely satisfied with our work.


For more information or to book your own kitchen makeover, contact us today!

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